a pack

Bike riders often ride in packs which serves many purposes. Ideally,  each rider can contribute to maximize the group's strengths, keep it safely moving along by calling out grit in the road or cars, and lead when appropriate.  The person in front "pulls" the others by taking the wind head on and the others can tuck in behind.  If the group can ride a pace line with coordinated and graceful exchanges to fall back and let someone else lead and pull it is like poetry in motion.

Humans want and need to rely on each other.  We are pack animals and all have ways to contribute to the greater good. Each of us has a voice and a gift to share in the choir of life, a unique way of seeing things and something to offer that no one else can in a certain way.  

Friendships are often undefined as we use the word rather casually  and even as a verb now, saying I "friended" her or "unfriended him".  Teens often tell me how upset they are about getting put in the "friend zone" when they want to be "more than friends."