Kathleen Kirk is a Life Coach and inspirational speaker working with teens, families, individuals and groups.


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Are you living by design or by default?

Get past excuses and identify what you really want and how to achieve it

As our children grow, so must we

Go from surviving to thriving at home

Experienced with middle, high school, and college levels

 Academic coaching, motivation and self-discipline

Group workshops and presentations for your organization or business

Ongoing women's groups


"I began seeing Kathleen when I was drowning with worry about problems with an elderly mother and grown children. The emotional overlay was affecting the quality of my marriage and my well-being. Kathleen gave me real life tools to deal with the present in life, rather than regret the past and fret about the future. My life has become richer and my relationships much more meaningful."


This approach covers mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial areas.


Develop Creative and effective responses to life challenges,

See Possibilities  and opportunities  

  • Increase your clarity, courage, and confidence

  • Understand how your thinking may be limiting you and sabotaging your goals

  • Creatively solve challenges with strategic thinking and a plan of action

  • Learn to respond and communicate in emotionally charged situations

  • Gain awareness of your patterns of thinking to live with intention to improve focus at home, work, sports, and more

"Kathleen has the unique ability to identify behaviors, in both parent and child, which get in the way of successful relationships and successful living. She continues to provide real life skill sets that provide opportunity and consequences for our action. I call her the 'Family Whisperer'. I cannot recommend her highly enough."
Dad of two daughters Tucson, AZ


We all want happy children but want them to be responsible and productive.


  • Learn key concepts for positive and effective ways to deal with common challenges of raising children

  • Strategies to foster closeness, communication and respect

  • How to deal with chores, power struggles, and  house rules

  • Find academic peace and how to deal with the school

  • Tools for family problem solving to increase a sense of belonging for each member

  • Stay connected to your teens by understanding the developmental tasks

"...One of my daughters has struggled with and has been stressed about her grades for some time. She gave my daughter suggestions about organization that were extremely helpful. The best part is that Kathleen was able to relate to my daughter in a way that got her on board right away...Thanks so much Kathleen, what a gift you have given us!"
 Mother of two teens Flagstaff, AZ


My wide scope of experience includes working at middle, high school, and college levels


  • Easy organization and study techniques

  • Learn motivational skills and self-discipline

  • Underachievers/ADD/504 plans

  • Learn problem solving skills for school and life

  • Self-advocacy and increase self-esteem

  • Improve relationships/communication with parents