Back Pedaling/ Playing What if

      I suddenly didn't want to go forward with  the trip.

 Most of us have the tendency to look back at some decisions with regret and consider the choice we made a “mistake”. Now who intentionally makes a wrong decision???  Looking back makes it hard to stay present and plan a better way forward yet this nervous feeling kept creeping up .

Self doubt  creeps in and a sense of dread with the WHAT IF’s pop up in my thoughts:  this is too much for me, all kinds of excuses and doubts gushed forward.  I have never ridden even 7 days in a row now 30???!  Our minds have a way of heading down the slippery slope of negative thoughts and dark imaginings.  Telling others and listening to their worries was like taking in smoke.  Thoughts alone were  choking off the GREAT POSSIBILITIES of this incredible opportunity to experience this trip. 

With continuous practice I have learned to catch myself and  play WHAT IF in a fun positive direction.  

WHAT IF  I make this the coolest thing, have a blast with these people, see incredible sights, learn much about myself, and  find ways to creatively solve whatever challenges arise....  What if this is such an opportunity that I MUST go and make it great.

    The preparation for the trip begins here with affirming the vision of completing the trip with a sense of adventure, curiosity and gratitude for it all, whatever may come.

**  Have a clear good intention, give it attention by doing whatever it takes  and then expect it to happen successfully.