Golden effort


Watch for the heroic efforts that surround us on a daily basis

While watching the Olympics I have heard the words:  hero, heroic effort, the greatest, and other ways to describe "the best".   I joked that some dive into a perfect temperature pool, swim up and down a couple of laps, climb out to applause and fluffy toasty towels to get gold and cereal box covers.  

No need to wait a few years to see winners. There are people suffering yet find a way to go forward, parents raising seriously ill children, lifting family members into wheel chairs, managing to smile through seemingly unbearable circumstances and you will see how their effort can be praised.  Admire them. Smile at them.  Offer a friendly hello or help.  Also, applaud and reward your own efforts to give your best in the arena of your choice: work, family, friendships, education, well-being  etc....