Prior planning for peak performance

This business concept can be useful  in all areas of your life and in a holistic way.  

What can I think and do to maximize getting a great outcome?

*  Look at all areas:  mental, physical, emotional, financial and spiritual preparation and ask yourself  the questions below.

 For those of us who tend to leap, then look for a landing, we may not prep enough or only in certain areas of your life.

The Physical:  If Well-being is the goal, what am I doing today to head in that direction? Leaving in mid - July for this trip  means hot and hotter in Tucson, AZ so long rides may be hazardous to health.  So concentrate on what you CAN DO that fits with the theme of well-being.

What can we manage? Healthy eating, decent training, rest and a balanced life with work,  fun activities, friends and a variety of interests.  

The Mind:  Am I thinking in a factual and positive direction or making up negative things and believing them? Become aware of your thoughts, where they lead you and choose good ones. See the difference in your mood and energy level right away!

The Spiritual:  Am I thinking, acting and living according to my values and beliefs?  How do I  contribute to society in a positive and productive way that feels purposeful ?  Does how I live and give match my core beliefs?  Uhhh, what do I believe about this life and how does my goal align with  this ?

The Emotional/Social Aspect:  Are you excited and getting the support you need to succeed? Check in with how you are feeling. It will be related to what you are thinking. When working with clients I have them use a scale to gauge how they feel about a path they want to take and we can makes changes right away to get to WIT ( whatever it takes) or realizing this is not the right time to take something on.  

Who can you count on for help, a boost, someone to shine a light when it seems too dark or scary?  Who is fun and inspiring? We can add new positive thinking friends and be a great friend and a fan of others.

The Financial:  How do my decisions affect me financially?  When making an investment of your time and money you'll want to get a good return.  What can I do to maximize a good return?  


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