Torque setting

We humans are very well equipped to handle this up, down and all around life.  If something potentially life threatening appears we get a full on fear reaction maybe in our chest, heart rate, power to the arms or legs,  stomach churning or even scream in wild ways.  This protective mechanism can keep us safe and even sound of mind if stressed to the max.

For bikes we have torque wrenches to click and even beep to avoid over tightening to prevent screw ups. I bet the majority of us stop right away when working on an object but when it comes to us we tend to ignore the signals and override them. Ok, I admit it, I have been known to over-torque a bolt. We are funny creatures!

Today we are in Washington State putting bikes together to start the trek across the USA tomorrow morn.  My bike had a mechanical problem right away which we could not solve after an hour.  It is universally true that all humans hate to feel frustrated.  When we reach a point we will find a way out of the feeling  by letting out the frustaration by yelling, throwing something, or quitting.  

**  Be Aware  of your level of frustration. Your mind and body will give you a warning:  your energy will usually ramp up and can reach the shaking a soda can stage about to blow. My Tucson travel companions, Tim and Bill, were beautiful models of how to respond vs. react when things are challenging. Here's what can be helpful.  

**  Exhale hard, which is a normal physical response but add a few more on to slow things down inside.   Inhaling raises energy and the exhale relaxes the body.  I make believe I am blowing out candles on a cake or filling a balloon.

** Take a break, walk away and your mind will relax and creatively start to present options when you let go of having to solve it immediately.

** Ask for help. People are incredibly helpful when asked for assistance.  Not only did we find a bike shop (Bicycle Centres Everett)  that would take a look right away they didn't even want to charge us.  Wow!  Our tip matched our gratitude. 

The Ride : Because and Cause:  Rancho Feliz and the Road Warriors fundraising program

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