Scenery and great sky on Big Horn Mt. in Wyoming Highlands

Scenery and great sky on Big Horn Mt. in Wyoming Highlands

WIT  = whatever it takes

What an amazing day today.  We left Powell, Wyoming to ride over the BIG Horn Mountains.  The climb included riding up to an elevation of 9400 ft. with grades up to 14% for about 23 miles.  Some riders decided to get driven to the top and I decided  WIT I will get up that Mt.. even if I have to walk and push the bike up.

At some point my mind went to celebrating the ability of our amazing bodies to perform all the tasks we ask of them. Renewed energy flowed.  This grew to a sense of gratitude for just about everything.

DID YOU HEAR YOUR NAME?  I thought of all the people who have helped me in my life, encouraged me, taught me, strangers who smiled and wanted to chat, friends who have allowed me into their world, others who were kind enough to forgive me for any harm, those who inspire through sharing their struggles, to the genous loving souls who simply want to serve and do WIT to makes the world a more just and loving place. Inch by inch I named off those I love, those I wanted to thank for myriad reasons.  The list went on and suddenly I was at the top.   What an amazing day for sure...