shifting gears


Oh my. I ran out of gears. Montana is stunning with all the waterways, flora and fauna,  mountains and then more mountains in the distance. 

 This trip is physically very demanding on a daily basis for me. Some riders are like greyhounds and they are off chasing each other.   After riding over 50 miles we had 8% plus hills to climb and over 50 miles left.  My body was maxed on the climb so I stopped in a car pass area to take a short breather.  I thought I could hitch a ride from passing cars and trucks or if I had to make believe I fell perhaps a good samaritan would stop and give me a lift to the top. I did get help from another rider who physically helped push me up the hill.  Cars waved and I got by with the help of a friend.

 What are the choices when we are overwhelmed?   

Stop and rest, turn around and go back to the downhill or continue on with best effort knowing no hill or situation goes on forever.  Nothing lasts and how wonderful that we can make changes in our mental mindset to see the difficulites through another lens or to consider the options.  

Using the word problem sets off a negative chain of emotion for many.  

Example:  someone said "if it is windy and rainy on the hill we have a big problem".  I asked, how is this a problem or do you mean a challenge and we will find a way? They rolled their eyes.  

Step 1.  Is this really a PROBLEM, life altering event or or simply an annoyance or hard time? Is it difficult because it is not what I expected and believe it  shouldn't have gone this way?  

Step 2.  Set your "problem" down on paper or out loud and name the real issue.  Then move away from it mentally, simply observe it as an outsider.  You can view it  from a distance and  start creatively finding solutions.  At a minimum you can move to acceptance of the situation and see how best to get through it .  This will pass and simply be an experience. Something great is ahead. 

We rode across Idaho and now in Bozeman, Montana.