group dynamics

A long, hot, humid 130 mile trek to arrive in Niagara Falls in Canada. With several miles left, a storm was brewing overhead  with cracks of thunder.  I was riding on fumes and even my bike was tired.  A small bite of food was in my pocket.  Nooooo, almost  dropped it but  knowing full well I would have eaten even if it hit the pavement.  Even if the rider behind ran it over. We dragged on and were greeted by a huge rainbow over the Falls. 

  Several of us went to get a close look to share the experience.  This group of strangers has been a model of Tuckman's theory of how groups find their way to performing well.   "Forming" was the initial stage and within days quickly moved to "storming", with cyclists having some difficulties with different riding styles and personalities.  "Norming" was important to deal with the wind, distance and safety. Riders have settled into comfortable groups yet watch out for each other when anyone in the larger group needs help.   We are "performing" well!