We left Wisconsin by taking the ferry across Lake Michigan, which was surprisingly much bigger than I pictured, taking over 4 hours to cross. Then we rode over 100 miles to our next stop in Midland, Michigan.  What a nice welcome to see over a mile lined with marigolds on both sides of the road.  

 Upon arriving at the hotel I crashed and thankfully only got scraped up and bruised. People ran over and asked if I was OK. It is a shock when you hit the ground but then a relief when you move and know you are going to be able to get up.  Right away someone said I must be embarrassed.  No, I wasn't.  I was scraped up and grateful that it wasn't serious, not ashamed at all.  Then two others remarked that it feels so embarrassing to fall.  I told them that I was relieved more than anything else.  Things happen.

This got me wondering if feeling embarrassed is a choice.  Do we only feel embarrassed when in the presence of others because we are concerned with their opinion of us?  Free yourself and have no worries about what others are thinking whether you are clumsy, inattentive, or any other label. We humans have all kinds of experiences.   Sometimes people will say or do something to put us down with an unkind or revealing comment.  This reflects more on that person than you.  Onward and upward...

Off to Canada tomorrow!