Choose a lane

Life in the Fast Lane?  

A common reply to HOW ARE YOU when you see someone is :  "Busy".  Then a list of their stresses may pour out.  Is that an emotion?  Catch yourself and rehearse a new line to reflect how you want to be.  For some perhaps "busy" is what they want as it may represent a  bragging badge to wear. NOPE...  I often hear "too busy" as a regular reply.    It is a choice.  What really matters???  Notice if your busyness reflects your values, mission and feels purposeful. 

Miles of faces turning towards the light in South Dakota. 

Miles of faces turning towards the light in South Dakota. 

As we ride across the country on bicycles the pace is perfect to see soybeans growing in the fields, a turtle waiting to cross the road, petite flowers and even antsy ants.  Some of us stop to get  in the fields of sunflowers, corn and wheat for photos. I love riding up to the cows who all turn their heads and stare at the alien looking thing in a helmet on two wheels.  Sheep run.  Perhaps farmers load the shotgun as I delicately romp in the fields. 

 Yet in our group of 40 there are those who seriously want to track every mile, speed, and metrics of the journey and make the briefest stop to grab a snack and eat on the go.  Some are really hurting and lack energy to walk for dinner with others.   We choose our way and either have an excuse, a reason or are on autopilot programmed to go, go, go or cruise control to maintain speed.  Ahhhh, there are times for the passing lane and times to glide along.

Enjoy this day...