Bloom where you are planted

Yippeee!  We are well on our way into the second half of cross country ride.  We crossed the Missouri River two days ago and a long 140 miles ( I sagged  the last 20 miles)  brought us across the Mississippi River today into La Crosse, Wisconsin.

Joining  a group of strangers for 31 days is and adventure for sure.  Adopting a mindset of being able to hold your own and be yourself allows you to naturally find a part in this ongoing "play". 

This cast of characters is revealing themselves.  We are at Day 20 and the authentic side of people seems to have emerged.  Some prefer to be alone, others have formed mini groups and some of us jump in and out of circles and mix with everyone. Those who were guarded have found their comfort and some of the eager ones have settled down a bit.    

A couple of people have sought me out to hear their complaints about others, especially if they are rooming with someone. A few run ins and flare ups between people can contaminate the group.  The key is to  talk to the person directly rather than reporting it to the others.  No need to spread poison.  I suggested instead of avoiding to directly communicate, creatively solve the issue and see if they can bloom in difficult circumstances.  The choice is to make it through by doing WIT ( whatever it takes ) until you can make a change or move forward  beyond it rather than get stuck or not grow. 

Blooming where planted despite the conditions

Blooming where planted despite the conditions