hello or oh hell, the holidays

QUESTION:  How can I get a better attitude about the upcoming holiday season?  I am dreading it all.

No need for this! See below...

No need for this! See below...

RESPONSE:   Surprise, you are allowed to quit cold turkey!  IF the usual pace or activities are not really the way you want to spend your time you can create a better way going forward.  First get quiet and check in with YOU.  What specifically is a a downer for you and what changes can you make?  What would be more meaningful, fun, or peaceful?  Perhaps this means saying thanks for the invite but we are having a quiet day at home or we are going to switch things up. IMPORTANT: You are not responsible for their reaction!! YOU are responsible for your part, how you speak your truth in an honest, kind way.

If you want a different outcome here is a simple formula.

What do you WANT overall + then SPEAK UP/ ASK others + PLAN it = OUTCOME you want   

Example:  Start with the overall feeling you want:  simplicity, excitement or relaxation then go from there.   

Let me know how it goes:)