Election Angst

QUESTION:    Ughhh..   Some of my friends have really revealed themselves in this election.  I can’t stand to hear what they think and am even disgusted by their beliefs.  Is it best to part ways and find like minded friends?

SHORT ANSWER  Maybe.  Yes, maybe find more people who share your views and maybe stay out of the political arena if you like your friend in other ways.  After all you are “friends” which technically means you got through the sniff test then made a mutual decision to be pals.  Aim to understand instead of aiming to convince them that they are wrong.  Attack the facts if you must not the person.  You ‘ll know if you want to call them names, (like moron, idiot, nasty woman, etc ) you are making it personal vs. listening to their views.  Reply with sounds like, Hmmm, ohhhh , maybea puzzled look, then exhale hard to let that breath out with the silent words you are thinking.