To live simply is hard

Today was a beautiful day in so many ways.  The ride from La Crosse to Portage, Wisconsin  may have been long but the scenery was spectacular and one of the best days yet.

Having a hard time reducing your screen time?  How about life without refrigeration, a car, cell phone or other modern conveniences we take for granted? 

We passed this buggy today in an Amish area of Wisconsin 

We passed this buggy today in an Amish area of Wisconsin 

A highlight was passing through the Amish area where simplicity reigns.   Amish people form a strong community, teach their children in their own schools and commit to a humble life.   As we passed horses pulling buggies, farming without motorized vehicles , and the ways they make a living it was impressive.  What

It was tough to refrain from taking photos. It seemed disrespectful to gawk but my curiosity led me to talk to a young man crossing a country road in front of me.  We talked for awhile and I told him I admired their commitment to keep the environment clean and maintain their approach to life.  He shared his perspective and he laughed when I told him I was on my way to Boston. Again I wanted a photo to remember this moment but held back and hope I can stay inspired to live mindfully and simply.